cabal-install version on hackage

Levent Erkok erkokl at
Wed Dec 21 06:34:33 CET 2011

Hello all,

This is actually a question about hackage, but looks like there's no
separate hackage mailing list.

I'm suffering from the issue reported in here: In brief, cabal
had a bug that prevented it from running haddock successfully if a
package contained both a library and an executable that depended on
it. The good news is that the bug has been fixed, about 5 months ago
in fact. Unfortunately, it looks like there hasn't been an official
cabal-install release since. In any case, the version of cabal that
hackage uses certainly does not have this fix included, hence packages
that contain library+executable combos in the newer style fail to
build on the hackage site.

Is there a known workaround to this problem, short of dropping the
"self" dependency in the cabal file?  Would it be too much to ask if
hackage can upgrade it's cabal? Would that break further things?



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