[Hackage] #837: Compile the same package with respect to several sets of flag states

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#837: Compile the same package with respect to several sets of flag states
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Difficulty:  unknown        |   Ghcversion:  6.12.3  
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 Currently I have configured my cabal with --enable-library-profiling,
 --enable-shared, what leads to problems with the GHC-7.0.* archives that
 do not contain shared objects for profiling. Actually, I do not need them,
 but I cannot tell Cabal to omit shared objects for profiling. If I use
 --enable-library-profiling and --enable-shared, then all combinations of
 {static, dynamic} x {non-profiling, profiling} are generated.

 Instead of enabling two variants by each of those 'enable' options and
 then generating code for all possible combinations, I would find it more
 useful to define sets of flags and compile modules with respect to all of
 these flag sets. E.g. I could write something like the following to
 flagset: dyn
    shared: True
    optimization: True

 flagset: p
    shared: False
    profiling: True
    optimization: True
    rts-options: True

 flagset: dbg
    flags: debug
    optimization: True
 For every module A this should generate A_dyn.o, A_p.o, A_dbg.o.

 I do not know whether this problem can be solved in Cabal alone, or
 whether it also needs adaption of GHC.

 See also:
  * #600
  * http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/5021

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