[Hackage] #737: Cabal check warns about ill-specified dependencies

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#737: Cabal check warns about ill-specified dependencies
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 Packages that get listed here:

 Get special treatment from cabal-install.  It would help package authors
 if 'cabal check' could warn about version ranges, especially for packages
 listed in the preferred-version file.

 For example, if the .cabal file just mentions package FOO and preferred-
 versions asks for FOO < X, then the author might not be aware that some
 people might expect to use FOO >= X.  It would be nice to let the author
 know that they need to say, FOO == Y.* or FOO > A && FOO < B.

 This is particularly important for base, where lacking an upper bound
 leads to bad build behavior.

 This should probably be implemented in the Cabal library.

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