[Hackage] #751: Cabal confused about DeriveFunctor

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#751: Cabal confused about DeriveFunctor
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Difficulty:  unknown             |   Ghcversion:  6.12.3 
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Comment(by duncan):

 Replying to [comment:1 guest]:
 > I attached a patch to add DeriveFunctor?, DeriveFoldable?, and
 DeriveTraversable?, but I don't know if I did everything necessary to add
 the extensions.

 Thanks for the patch, I will ask the GHC devs to look at it, as they are
 responsible for registering new extensions that GHC implements.

 > In particular, the notes in Language.Haskell.Extension.hs say that new
 extensions should be added to the lists in
 Distribution.Simple.X.languageExtensions, but (at least for GHC) that
 seems to be generated dynamically.

 Right. For newer GHC versions they are generated dynamically. The same is
 not yet true of other compilers, but I think at the moment only GHC
 implements these extensions.

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