patch applied (cabal-branches/cabal-1.10): Added detailed test interface

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Mon Oct 18 17:53:00 EDT 2010

Thu Jun 17 14:06:31 PDT 2010  Thomas Tuegel <ttuegel at>
  * Added detailed test interface
  Ticket #215 (Overhaul support for packages' tests).  This patch provides the
  detailed test interface for exposing individual tests to Cabal and other test
  agents.  It also provides the simple function Cabal will provide as the default
  test runner.

    M! ./Cabal.cabal -1 +3
    M! ./Distribution/Simple/Test.hs -1 +29
    A! ./Distribution/TestSuite.hs

View patch online:;a=darcs_commitdiff;h=20100617210631-30370-4dd05ad2e2be258e51eacb1315cf90899d22bff0.gz

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