Next steps for "cabal test" feature

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Sun Oct 10 17:24:14 EDT 2010


As you'll have noticed, I've pushed all your cabal test patches. I did a
bit of reorganising on top of that but nothing drastic.

For the moment I've kept the "detailed" test type at version 0.9 since
we are still discussing some details there.

I've added a few TODOs in the test section of
Distribution/Simple/Setup.hs. Either you or I should have a go at those
some time. I think we talked about the append and reply features before.
I don't recall if you said we needed them or not.

For the Cabal-1.10 branch, I'm toying between a few options:
     1. Remove the test feature from the 1.10.x release entirely
     2. Update to the current state of the test patches in cabal HEAD
     3. Update to the current state of the test patches in cabal HEAD
        but then disable the detailed test type, keeping just the basic
        test interface for the 1.10.x releases.

We have to do something because the current 1.10.x branch has half the
test patches and so has a random intermediate API. I'm inclined to go
for option 3. The plan would be to get some experience with the basic
interface in a few real packages and to work on getting the detailed API
sorted out in time for the next major release. That does not need to be
12 months away, I've done major releases part-way in the GHC cycle
before. Lemme know what you think.


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