darcs patch: Search for programs in bindir of user

Martin Kiefel mk at nopw.de
Sun Nov 7 09:31:39 EST 2010


I wrote this for #663. Unfortunately, I did not find an easy way to find out if
a Program type is using the standard way of locating a program or if it uses a
custom method for this (without breaking the signitures).

So my solution tries to locate a program (no compilers) first in the
directories of PATH and then falls back to the bindir that will be used to
install the program later on.

Not sure if this is the nicest way to do this, since program detection has to
be split up in programs that are found the traditional way and others that are
additionally search in the bindir.


Sun Nov  7 15:13:12 CET 2010  Martin Kiefel <mk at nopw.de>
  * Search for programs in bindir of user
  See Ticket #663. If program is not found in the PATH directories it will be
  search in the local bindir, which was specified by the user.

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