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#760: exclude all but latest documentation from search results
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 When searching for haskell documentation on google, quite frequently the
 top search results are versions of the library documentation from the
 archives. For instance, when searching for Data.Vector, the top hit is
 version 0.5, whereas the latest is 0.7. Also, if the user selects the 0.7
 version, it isn't obvious from the documentation that this version
 corresponds to the latest since it also appears in the archive (the url is

 So I'm wondering if it might not make sense to exclude all but the latest
 haddock documentation from search results by augmenting the robots.txt

 It might also make sense to provide alternate urls to the latest versions
 of documents. E.g. Starting from the
 http://hackage.haskell.org/package/vector page (which is the latest
 version), and clicking on Data.Vector, one is taken to
 Vector.html... but it might be better if this were
 Vector.html. This would allow for all files under /archive to be excluded.

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