[Hackage] #648: Cabal incorrectly reports missing C library IL

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#648: Cabal incorrectly reports missing C library IL
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Comment(by duncan):

 Replying to [ticket:648 GregoryWeber]:
 > I have the impression that in the
 > configuration step, when Cabal sees the line
 > Extra-Libraries: IL
 > it writes a small C program that tries to include that library,
 > and reports the library is missing if there's an error
 > in compiling and linking the C program.  Maybe Cabal needs to interpret
 the C compiler's and linker's error messages more carefully.

 This is correct. We cannot in general interpret the C compilers error
 messages. They are too varied. We should consult what autoconf does here.
 It takes the same strategy and does not try to interpret error messages.
 Perhaps we can just improve the message, to make clear it's only the
 mostly likely reason, not an absolute conclusion. We should also save the
 log for users to inspect if they choose. This should make it easier to see
 what is really going on.

 See also #532 for other instances of this problem.

 As you say, although the error message is wrong here, the problem is real.
 The package does depend on pthread or rt but does not say so.

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