[Hackage] #517: make cabal install command support haddock options

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#517: make cabal install command support haddock options
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Changes (by danfish):

 * cc: daniel.is.fischer@… (removed)


 Replying to [comment:8 David]:
 > Can you upload this to hackage?
 > I'm sure if we had a Cabal-src package that people could enable with
 ghc-pkg instead of the default Cabal, many people would want to install

 I don't think that's a particularly good idea. Using the Cabal library is
 rather baked-in for at least GHC, and AFAIK, it doesn't like the version
 it came with to be hidden, let alone uninstalled. Having a package which
 would basically be a copy of Cabal, but with a different name, would
 create namespace-pollution by having the same module names and likely
 confuse GHC as to which package to pick them from. Using different module
 names, how would one convince the tools to use that library?

 I think we should try to make these options settable in the config file.
 That would require understanding how cabal-install works, when and how it
 invokes 'cabal haddock' etc. I've taken a few short looks at the source
 before, but so far, I haven't been able to unravel it (not that I tried
 too hard yet), the scarcity of documentation and absence of a source-guide
 don't help getting into it.

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