[Hackage] #705: Non-deterministic behaviour when overlapping packages are installed

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#705: Non-deterministic behaviour when overlapping packages are installed
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 See [http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3119782/mysterious-cabal-install-

 This user took a standard Haskell Platform install, installed a new
 version of the time package, and then installed random.  The random
 package was rebuilt and installed against the new time package.  However,
 re-running `cabal install random` installs random again; it doesn't reach
 a fixed point.

 The problem (I presume) is that when cabal-install merges the package
 databases it chooses which `random-` to use non-deterministically.
 In fact it seems to depend on the exact package Ids, because I get
 different results with GHC 6.12.2 where the package Ids of the two
 `random-` packages are ordered differently.

 I realise there are larger issues about how to do resolution here, but I
 think at least we should make cabal-install deterministic, and preferably

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