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#674: Findable extra documentation
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Comment(by duncan):

 Note for point 2, this relies on us knowing if documentation files are
 installed and if so where.

 Currently `cabal info pkgname` will report the location of documentation
 if the `haddock-html` field points to a directory that exists. This is
 only appropriate for html documentation.

 One option to support more general documentation would be via cabal
 tracking files for packages it installs, however that would not help for
 packages installed with ghc or via the system package manager.

 Another thing to note here is that the fact that we track whether or not
 haddock docs are installed via ghc-pkg. This itself is a bit of an oddity.
 It is not information that ghc itself needs and nor is it package meta-
 data (like the author or description). It's just auxiliary information
 about aspects of the installed package. It's sort of package management
 information. It's not clear this special case makes sense. Probably we
 should allow more general package information (e.g. location of various
 kinds of docs) or we should not track haddock information in the ghc-pkg
 registration information at all.

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