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#708: extension list
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 I was going to add the new `DatatypeContexts` extension to Cabal's
 extension list, but the datatype confused me. It seems to list the
 extensions relative to Haskell98 (i.e. `NoFoo` if Foo is H98, `Foo`
 otherwise), but this seems odd now that we also have a Haskell2010
 standard. And does it allow extensions to be toggled on or off, regardless
 of which way they are listed in the datatype?

 Also, the haddock comments refer the GHC manual sections, but don't say
 what version of GHC's manual the numbers refer to. I think it would be
 better to drop the numbers, rather than having to manually keep them up-
 to-date - especially as someone might use a Cabal release with a different
 GHC version.

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