[Hackage] #598: Bogus build failures on HackageDB

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#598: Bogus build failures on HackageDB
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Comment(by mokus):

 Replying to [comment:6 duncan]:
 > Replying to [comment:5 ross]:
 > > Probably saves trouble in the long run, though it would be annoying if
 the rebuild failed.
 > Hopefully it would not matter since you wouldn't be uploading the
 results of dependent package rebuilds, just the single target package
 you're interested in.

 I may be wrong,  but I think he was referring to the new uploader as the
 one being annoyed by such a situation, because they would know that
 there's a version of the package on which their upload depends already
 built on Hackage.  I'd say that this annoyance is an acceptable risk,
 though - if an old package won't build in a particular configuration of
 the dependency graph, that's a legitimate build failure of the package
 which induced that graph, even if the fault is in the dependency.  An end
 user very well may run into that same failure.  The depended-upon
 package's maintainer should probably get notified if that happens, or the
 build failure should at least be recorded somewhere that the maintainer
 could easily find it without having to dig through other packages' build

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