[Hackage] #517: make cabal install command support haddock options

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#517: make cabal install command support haddock options
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Comment(by danfish):

 Replying to [comment:6 David]:
 > Can you post more detail on your workaround?

 Before building Cabal (or GHC), just open Distribution.Simple.Setup.hs in
 a text editor, go down to defaultHscolourFlags, change hscolourCSS from
 !NoFlag to Flag "~/.cabal/hscolour.css". Go down a little further, in
 defaultHaddockFlags, change haddockHscolour to Flag True,
 haddockHscolourCss to Flag "~/.cabal...", haddockInternal/Executables to
 Flag True if you want that.
 If you do it when you build GHC, that's all, build and don't worry again
 (until you get some package on which hscolour chokes). If your GHC is
 already built, bump the version number in Cabal.cabal, run cabal install
 in that directory and then cabal install --reinstall cabal-install to get
 your changes into cabal.

 It's evil, but I wanted source-links bad enough to not care :)

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