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#637: Allow overriding defaultPackageDesc
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      Type:  enhancement    |       Status:  new 
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 Component:  Cabal library  |      Version:  HEAD
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Difficulty:  unknown        |   Ghcversion:      
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 I'm trying to keep the source of multiple packages in a single source
 repository. Unfortunately, I cannot maintain a .cabal file per package,
 because some commands invoke function defaultPackageDesc unconditionally.

 I tried using {{{defaultMainNoRead}}} instead of {{{defaultMain}}}
 and passing the desired package name through the environment. This
 solution doesn't work at all in It works only partially in HEAD:
 {{{Setup configure}}} and {{{Setup build}}} work but {{{Setup sdist}}}
 does not because it ignores the {{{readDesc}}} field and invokes
 {{{defaultPackageDesc}}} unconditionally.

 Would it be possible to add a field to {{{UserHooks}}} which would specify
 the .cabal filename to use? Then {{{defaultPackageDesc}}} should be always
 called through this field, never directly, and could thus be consistently

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