[Hackage] #783: Weird brackets in function names on Haddock page

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#783: Weird brackets in function names on Haddock page
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Comment(by isaacdupree):

 That's because `__HADDOCK__` is only defined for Haddock 0.x, not for the
 current GHC-API-based Haddock (deliberately, nothing special is defined
 for the current Haddock).  IMHO it's a Haddock bug to say "conv[a9D8] ::
 something" and not give a proper name (any idea whether it's easy to fix,
 vs. is a design problem?).  The only(?) other reason I can see for that
 ifdef is if you're trying to lie about the types in the haddocumentation
 (I don't know Harpy's use of TH well enough to be sure myself).

 -Isaac Dupree

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