[Hackage] #779: Create tarball of all Hoogle input files

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#779: Create tarball of all Hoogle input files
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      Type:  enhancement        |       Status:  new      
  Priority:  normal             |    Milestone:  HackageDB
 Component:  hackageDB website  |      Version:  HEAD     
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Comment(by guest):

 To be clear, the process that generates Haddock documentation already
 generates and uploads documentation for each package. I'm only suggesting
 the files already on the server should be put in a unified tarball.

 How would a client avoid the need to download all hoogle input files? How
 would it figure out which ones have been modified? If there was a query to
 build a file from a particular date or later that would work, but it seems
 more effort than just providing everything.

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