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#779: Create tarball of all Hoogle input files
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 For many packages on Hackage there is a corresponding Hoogle input file,
 for example:

 To generate Hoogle databases for every package on Hackage I have a script
 that downloads the documentation for every package, then puts it in a
 tarball and uploads it back to http://haskell.org/hoogle/hackage-

 There are three disadvantages to the current process. It's quite a lot of
 connections to Hackage to download every single file, it takes quite a lot
 of time to download them individually (about 50 minutes using wget
 serially), and the tarball on Hoogle is often (always?) out of date. Would
 it be possible for Hackage to supply a tarball of all the Hoogle input

 -- Neil Mitchell (Hoogle author)

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