[Hackage] #776: cabal check gives invalid duplicate modules warning

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#776: cabal check gives invalid duplicate modules warning
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 Given the Cabal file:


 cabal-version:      >= 1.2
 build-type:         Simple
 name:               test
 version:            4.1
 license:            GPL
 category:           Test
 author:             Test
 maintainer:         Test
 synopsis:           Test
 description:        Test

 flag extended-library

     if flag(extended-library)

 I get the {{{cabal check}}} output:

 The following warnings are likely affect your build negatively:
 * Duplicate modules in library: Test

 These warnings may cause trouble when distributing the package:
 * A 'license-file' is not specified.

 The following errors will cause portability problems on other
 * The package is missing a Setup.hs or Setup.lhs script.

 Hackage would reject this package.

 The error about Test being duplicate is incorrect - the flag means it will
 occur at most once. This bug is annoying for Hoogle, which wants to have a
 library exposing internal details, mainly for documentation purposes, and
 a normal library as well.

 Thanks, Neil

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