[Hackage] #725: Distinguish speculative and required build-depends upper bound

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#725: Distinguish speculative and required build-depends upper bound
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 When a package adds a build-dependency on another package, it's good form
 to follow the Package Versioning Policy and add a speculative upper bound
 that is x.(y+1), if the current version is x.y. This is great, but in many
 cases the next version will /not/ break compatibility with your package.
 In that case, once you have tested that the dependency is fine, you can
 bump the upper bound.

 As the list of dependencies for any respectable Cabal package can be quite
 long, it may be useful to have some sort of 'cabal whatsnew' command which
 checks the upper bounds of your build dependencies and notifies you when
 there are newer versions than your upper bounds availble. Furthermore,
 there should be a mechanism for telling Cabal that the upper bound is
 required, and that the package will break if you try to bump it.

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