[Hackage] #670: cabal-install should warn about common problem after installing progs

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#670: cabal-install should warn about common problem after installing progs
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 There are a few common problems have when installing programs.

  * target bindir (or symlink-bindir) is not on the `$PATH` so they cannot
 run the program after installation.
  * target bindir is on the `$PATH` but the installed program is masked by
 the presence of the same named prog in a dir that is earlier on the
 `$PATH`. For example `/usr/local/bin/cabal` and `~/.cabal/bin/cabal`, the
 latter might have just been installed but the earlier one will still be
 picked up.
  * the shell keeping a cache of name -> path and so not picking up a new
 program. Eg in the above example, even if `~/.cabal/bin/` comes first on
 the `$PATH`, if bash has the mapping `cabal` -> `/usr/local/bin/cabal`
 then it will not notice when `~/.cabal/bin/cabal` is installed. The fix
 here is to run `hash -r`.
   The only time we might want to tell users to run `hash -r` is if the
 program did not previously exist and if it gets installed in a location
 that is earlier on the `$PATH` than an existing installed instance (which
 may thus be in the cache). Sadly we cannot query sh to find out what its
 cache holds.

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