[Hackage] #137: setup sdist places implementation-dependent preprocessor output in the source bundle

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#137: setup sdist places implementation-dependent preprocessor output in the
source bundle
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      Type:  defect               |       Status:  new      
  Priority:  normal               |    Milestone:  Cabal-1.8
 Component:  Cabal library        |      Version:  HEAD     
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Difficulty:  normal               |   Ghcversion:  6.4.2    
  Platform:  Linux                |  

Comment(by dankna):

 Attached, please find three patches for Cabal and one for
 Cabal-Install, in "darcs send" format.  Also find a change to Happy,
 in the form of an entire Setup.lhs file to replace the corresponding
 file in Happy-1.18.4 (I guess I must not have been able to find the
 original repo for Happy - I can prepare a diff if you find that
 easier).  These implement the stuff we talked about with regard to
 preprocessor output.  Hopefully you'll like the way I did it.  I'm
 afraid it's only easy for me to test with ghc, but it /should/ support
 all compilers, since I did make appropriate changes to all of their
 backends.  If this is a problem I can try to get the others set up,
 but I hoped you might already be set for that and able to do it more
 quickly than I could.

 There are three main pieces to the patch, as the commit messages will
 explain.  Briefly, the first piece simply redirects the output, the
 second piece makes sure the output is included in the sdist tarball,
 and the third piece adds a user hook to implement the
 subdirectory-naming policy we discussed.

 With the redirection of the output, I found that by doing it at the
 proper layer it wasn't necessary to add any new code to compare
 timestamps; the existing codepath appeared to handle it.  This could
 use more testing; I used Happy as my test case.

 With the inclusion in sdist, I added a new parameter to prepareTree,
 which necessitated the change to Cabal-Install.  As I explained in a
 comment somewhere, it includes ALL immediate subdirectories of
 preprocessed/, but within those, ONLY the files that have names which
 could have been generated by a known preprocessor from one of the
 included source files.

 With the subdirectory-naming, I added a new user hook that implements
 the concept of "specializing" the preprocessed output on a set of
 variables.  Rather than defining a new vocabulary of variables which
 would then become maintenance overhead, I reused PathTemplateVariable
 for this purpose.  It constructs a subdirectory name as a canonical
 representation of the set of variables specialized on, with their
 values.  It uses URL-escaping for characters that we can't use for
 various reasons.

 I also made a trivial change to Happy's Setup.lhs, to test the
 specialization feature.  I've included that one too; once the Cabal
 changes are released, either you or I can submit it to the Happy
 maintainer for inclusion there.  It doesn't actually implement using
 Happy's --ghc option; it merely specializes the build properly,
 outputting into "compiler=ghc-6.blahblahblah" if the compiler is GHC
 or into "generic" otherwise.  It does this by installing a
 preprocesserSpecialization hook which looks at the LocalBuildInfo it's
 given, checks the compiler flavor therein, and returns [CompilerVar]
 or [] as appropriate.  Hopefully this is a sufficiently general
 capability for the use-cases that exist in the wild.

 As always, see the source for more details.  I tried to follow your
 coding style as I understood it; in particular when I needed to add
 imports I enumerated each symbol used.  I also tried to comment
 everything of any importance.  I'll be interested in your feedback on
 how well I managed.

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