[Hackage] #663: Setup.hs doesn't look into ~/.cabal/bin for build tools.

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Wed Apr 21 04:27:25 EDT 2010

#663: Setup.hs doesn't look into ~/.cabal/bin for build tools.
  Reporter:  Axel Simon           |        Owner:         
      Type:  defect               |       Status:  new    
  Priority:  normal               |    Milestone:         
 Component:  Cabal library        |      Version:
  Severity:  normal               |     Keywords:         
Difficulty:  very easy (<1 hour)  |   Ghcversion:         
  Platform:                       |  
 Cabal currently only checks the current PATH for buildtools. If the user
 installs and new pre-processor with the default --user installation, these
 tools wind up in ~/.cabal/bin. However, cabal doesn't find these unless
 ~/.cabal/bin has been added to the PATH. This is irritating since it is
 then not possible to make a library depend on a cabal package that
 contains it's build tools: Even if cabal-install installs the build tools
 first, building the library still fails since the tools cannot be found.
 The solution is very simple: Add ~/.cabal/bin to the search path when
 looking for build tools!

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