darcs patch: Fix the version-range parser to allow arbitrary expres...

Laszlo Nagy rizsotto at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 05:24:57 EDT 2009

Hi Malcom,

This patch contains a typo, and does not compile for me. It's easy to
fix and I did. After that run simple test cases against it and it
failed. Here you can find my tests:


And I also tried to solve this ticket earlier, here is my solution:


-- LAca

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 9:15 PM,  <Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk> wrote:
> Thu Sep 10 20:09:12 BST 2009  Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
>  * Fix the version-range parser to allow arbitrary expressions over constraints.
>  Previously, only a single conjunction (&&) or disjunction (||) was
>  parseable, despite an internal representation that permits arbitrary
>  combinations.  Now, any sequence of (&&) and (||) combining forms is
>  parsed.  (&&) binds more tightly than (||).
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