Specific license field

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+hs at mega-nerd.com
Sun Nov 8 23:05:01 EST 2009

Neil Mitchell wrote:

> I just got approached by Fedora maintainers with the query that HLint
> doesn't specify it's license fully. The License field in the cabal
> file says "GPL", and the LICENSE file has a copy of the GPL v2, but I
> never say GPL version 2, or GPL version 2 and above etc. What is the
> Cabal approved way to indicate your licensing constraints? I suspect
> all other distro's packaging HLint have just guessed, or gone GPL 2
> because that's clearly a subset of what I might have intended.

There is a similar problem with some packages (ie bzlib) having
BSD3 in the .cabal file but having a 2 clause BSD LICENSE file.

This caused problems for me when I packaged bzlib for Debian.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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