support for jhc adapted to jhc-0.7.2

Henning Thielemann lemming at
Fri Nov 6 11:02:59 EST 2009

On Fri, 6 Nov 2009, Duncan Coutts wrote:

> On Fri, 2009-11-06 at 01:19 +0100, Henning Thielemann wrote:
>> What do I have to do to get my patches to Cabal accepted?
>> ''
> You just have to wait for it to be reviewed. If you're eager you can
> explain more about the patch and ask for review and perhaps find someone
> specifically who will review rather than waiting for me. You sent the
> patch in on Monday, and I usually apply patches in batches at the
> weekends.

I already sent the patches directly to cabal-devel, but they seem to have 
been dropped without notification by the mailing list engine. :-(

I hope the patch names are descriptive ...

I have made some changes that make Cabal work with JHC (partially). I'm 
certain, that it will no longer work with the version it was initially 
written for. But the Cabal.JHC module doesn't tell what version this might 
be. :-(

Thu Oct 29 11:35:15 CET 2009  haskell at
   * JHC.getInstalledPackages: remove check for --user flag, since JHC-0.7.2 supports local packages

Wed Oct 28 23:30:04 CET 2009  haskell at
   * JHC.buildLib: make this working for JHC-0.7.2

Wed Oct 28 22:18:02 CET 2009  haskell at
   * JHC.getInstalledPackages: adapt to package lists emitted by jhc-0.7.2

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