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#556: local config files
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 It would be nice if I could locally (for a project/directory) store the
 options I want to pass to "cabal configure".

 An example use case would be in the darcs project which has a flag
 "-ftype-witnesses".  We don't want to inflict this on most users because
 it increases our compile time, but for developers of certain branches of
 darcs want to be systematically using this flag so that they can catch
 errors. These developers could just "cabal configure -ftype-witnesses",
 but then if they do a "cabal clean" for any reason, the next time they run
 "cabal configure", they may forget to pass the flag along.

 To be clear, this is something to be used by individual developers; it's
 not something we want for the .cabal file itself.  Duncan says that this
 would be a bit like a local .ghci file, if it helps.

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