[Hackage] #534: cabal haddock should --hyperlink-source by default

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Tue Mar 31 15:25:39 EDT 2009

#534: cabal haddock should --hyperlink-source by default
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Comment (by coeus):

 I like the hyperlinked sources, too. For this, I abuse
 cabal-install in bash scripts to download packages and their dependencies
 from hackage, because the following is still not possible:

 cabal install --hyperlink-source packagename

 I always have to unpack, configure, build, and "haddock --hyperlink-
 source" each package, just to have the sources hyperlinked. I don't know
 any other solution to this.

 Imho, it would be nice to have an option for that default behaviour in the
 config file. "documentation: True" is just not enough.

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