[Hackage] #532: Can't find libraries on Windows (Cabal

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#532: Can't find libraries on Windows (Cabal
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  Platform:  Windows        |  
 When trying to install the com-1.2.2 package from the Hackage tarball,
 configure reports that it cannot find the header file
 which is part of the com-1.2.2 source, and is clearly there; and that
 it cannot find the libraries "kernel32", "user32", etc which are
 standard system libraries (the corresponding .lib files are part of
 the Platform SDK), even after giving it the library paths in every
 possible way (environment variable, command line option, modifying the
 "com.cabal" file).

 The former problem was mysteriously eliminated by some random
 modification of the .cabal file (namely, rearranging the order
 of the includes).

 The OS is Windows XP (servicepack 2).
 Everything works fine with Cabal

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