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#530: configuration features
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 Currently Cabal has support for ''configuration flags''.

 This is a nice feature, but quite limited. It can only take a boolean
 value, and the flag must be manually set during ''Setup.hs configure''.

 Here I propose a more powerfull feature, that it is yet easy to use (and,
 hopefully, easy to implement).

 The idea is to add support for ''configuration features''.

 A configuration feature is similar to a ''configuration flag'', but with
 some important differences.

 == Example ==

 data Feature = Bool | String

 A feature block:

      action: execute
      include-dirs: ...
      c-sources: features/urandom.c
      -- other possible properties, as listed in
      -- "Build information chapter", excluding `buildable` and
      -- `other-modules`
      -- The `action` property can have values `compile` (default)
      -- or `execute`

 This means that I'm testing for a feature named ''HAVE_URANDOM'', and the
 testing requires to compile/build and then execute some code.

 == Rules ==

  1. If compilation fails, ''HAVE_URANDOM'' will have value ''Feature
  If ''action'' property is ''compile'', then a successful compilation will
  result in ''HAVE_URANDOM'' having a value of ''Feature True''.

  2. If ''action'' property is ''execute'' and the executable returns a
 value /= 1,
  then ''HAVE_URANDOM'' will have value ''Feature False''.

  3. If ''action'' property is ''execute'' and executable write something
 on stdout,
  then ''HAVE_URANDOM'' will have value ''Feature string''.

  4. Otherwise ''HAVE_URANDOM'' will have value ''Feature True''.

 This provides a small but useful subset of what can be obtained using
 ''autoconf'', with the advantages that it is much more declarative,
 integrated with Cabal and portable.

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