[Hackage] #188: Support building Objective-C modules

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#188: Support building Objective-C modules
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Ghcversion:  6.8.1          |     Platform:  Linux  
Comment (by mokus):

 A more sophisticated system would probably be a good long-term solution to
 this type of situation, but in the interim I think a nice neat solution is
 to provide a means of telling Cabal "look, I made this .o!  Put it in,

 For GHC <6.10, this is already what HOC does, in a very kludgy way.  It
 compiles the Objective C sources, then tells cabal that the resulting
 object file is a "c-source".  That dirty little trick relies on GHC just
 ignoring the .o file when told to compile it as a C source.  If we could
 say something like "intermediate-objects: HOC_cbits.o"in the cabal file it
 would take a little bit of the kludge out of it, and more importantly (to
 HOC users at least) it would allow HOC to build.

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