[Hackage] #522: Nicer error message when source files are not found.

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Fri Mar 13 10:07:31 EDT 2009

#522: Nicer error message when source files are not found.
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 It can be confusing sometimes when source files are not found. Eg:

 $ runhaskell Setup.lhs build
 Preprocessing executables for nm8-0.1...
 Setup.lhs: can't find source for Data.MaybeI in src, dist/build/autogen
 $ find src/ | grep Data

 In this case it's simply a spelling error, but it's still hard to spot

 The suggestion is to look look at all files in that directory and do an
 edit distance match and suggest any similar file. This would also help for
 case-sensitivity mistakes, see #521.

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