Cabal install broken with GHC 6.10.1.* HEAD

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Mon Mar 2 06:13:22 EST 2009

Hi Duncan,

I'm afraid I had to roll back the GHC version - its my work computer
and not being able to work on it turned out to be an issue...

>> This causes cabal install to break, as it implicitly adds
>> base == which nothing has so nothing installs.
> There's something else going on. cabal-install does know about the base
> package but does not have any hard coded versions. The only constraint
> it places on base is that the dependency solver must pick an installed
> version of base (ie and not try to install from sources off hackage).

Hmm, weird. It was giving constraints such as base-any && ==,
which I assumed had come from hardcoding inside cabal. Given that
isn't the issue, my problem was probably elsewhere.

>> Could a new version of cabal install be released that fixes this?
> We'll need more details to work out what the problem is. Could you
> describe the symptoms in more detail. See also if ghc-pkg check reports
> anything.

The computer I was working on had many different versions of GHC on,
each with different libraries. It's entirely possible something got
confusing and used the wrong ghc-pkg/ghc combination or some other
mess happened. I'd regard this as a hisen-bug, and if I get a chance
next week I'll do the same things again and see if the same things



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