[Hackage] #497: on package not found error: mention "cabal update"

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#497: on package not found error: mention "cabal update"
  Reporter:  Martijn             |        Owner:  byorgey            
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Comment (by duncan):


 Thu Jun 11 18:12:33 BST 2009  Brent Yorgey <byorgey at cis.upenn.edu>
   * add message to 'package not found' error advising to run 'cabal
 update'. (#497)

 There are two other cases we should think about:
 $ cabal install foo-2.0
 Resolving dependencies...
 cabal: There is no available version of foo that satisfies ==2.0
 The point is, there is an older version of `foo`, just not the version
 they're asking for. This might also be done in the
 `disambiguateDependencies` function, or perhaps a separate check deps
 function that checks that there is at least some package that satisfies
 the dependency.

 cabal install foo
 Resolving dependencies...
 No packages to be installed. All the requested packages are
 already installed. If you want to reinstall anyway then use
 the --reinstall flag.

 This is the case when you're asking for the latest version, but you've
 already got the latest installed, at least the latest one that we know
 about. If the index is old at this point then we might not know about some
 later version.

 This is a bit harder to check up-front since it's not simply a matter of
 checking if the package is already installed (eg it might be registered
 but have broken or inconsistent deps). This error is currently reported in
 `Distribution/Client/Install.hs` once we discover that the proposed
 `InstallPlan` has no packages to be installed. This is probably the best
 place to report since we have access to the installed packages at that

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