Small Cabal documentation patch: describe syntax of 'compiler' fields in .cabal files

Brent Yorgey byorgey at
Wed Jun 10 15:52:29 EDT 2009

Hi all,

When working on a .cabal file recently I couldn't find anything in the
documentation about the proper syntax for the 'tested-with' field, so
here's a patch to add a description of it to the documentation.

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Wed Jun 10 15:45:50 EDT 2009  Brent Yorgey <byorgey at>
  * documentation update: add a description of the syntax for 'compiler' fields in .cabal files

New patches:

[documentation update: add a description of the syntax for 'compiler' fields in .cabal files
Brent Yorgey <byorgey at>**20090610194550] hunk ./doc/Cabal.xml 406
+	<varlistentry>
+	  <term>
+	    <replaceable>compiler</replaceable>
+	  </term>
+	  <listitem>
+	    <para>A compiler flavor (one
+              of: <literal>GHC</literal>, <literal>NHC</literal>,
+	          <literal>YHC</literal>, <literal>Hugs</literal>,
+	          <literal>HBC</literal>, <literal>Helium</literal>,
+                  <literal>JHC</literal>, or <literal>LHC</literal>)
+              followed by a version range.  For example,
+              <literal>GHC ==6.10.3</literal>,
+	      or <literal>LHC &gt;=0.6 && &lt;0.8</literal>.
+            </para>
+	  </listitem>
+	</varlistentry>


[use Haskell 98 import syntax
Ross Paterson <ross at>**20090610174619
 Ignore-this: 26774087968e247b41d69350c015bc30
[fix typo of exitcode
Ross Paterson <ross at>**20090610174541
 Ignore-this: e21da0e6178e69694011e5286b382d72
[Put a "%expect 0" directive in the .y file of a test
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090608204035] 
[Rearrange the PathTemplateEnv stuff and export more pieces
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607224721] 
[Rewrite the Register module
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607182821
 It was getting increasingly convoluted and incomprehensible.
 Now uses the Program.HcPkg and Program.Scripts modules.
[Simplify OSX ranlib madness
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607180717] 
[Use new Program.Ld and Program.Ar in GHC module
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607180534] 
[Use the new HcPkg module in the GHC getInstalledPackages function
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607180442] 
[Add specialised modules for handling ar and ld
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607180257] 
[Add improved xargs style function
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607180214
 More flexible and based on the ProgramInvocation stuff
[Pass verbosity to hc-pkg
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607180146] 
[Use a better api for registering libs in the internal package db
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607125436] 
[Add new Program modules
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607121301] 
[New module for handling calling the hc-pkg program
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607120650] 
[New module to write program invocations as shell scripts or batch files
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607120520
 For tasks like registering where we call hc-pkg, this allows us to
 produce a single program invocation and then either run it directly
 or write it out as a script.
[Re-export the program invocation stuff from the Program module
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607120404] 
[Fix rawSystemStdin util function
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607120324
 Close the input after pushing it. Return any error message.
[Split the Program module up a bit
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090607101246
 Add an explicit intermediate ProgramInvocation data type.
[Do not pass Maybe LocalBuildInfo to clean hook
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090604203830
 It is a bad idea for clean to do anything different depending
 on whether the package was configured already or not. The
 actual cleaning code did not use the LocalBuildInfo so this
 only changes in the UserHooks interface. No Setup.hs scripts
 actually make of this parameter for the clean hook.
 Part of ticket #133.
[Simplify checkPackageProblems function
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090604203709
 Since we now always have a GenericPackageDescription
[Change UserHooks.confHook to use simply GenericPackageDescription
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090604203400
 Rather than Either GenericPackageDescription PackageDescription
 In principle this is an interface change that could break Setup.hs
 scripts but in practise the few scripts that use confHook just pass
 the arguments through and so are not sensitve to the type change.
[Change UserHooks.readDesc to use GenericPackageDescription
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090604202837
 Also changes Simple.defaultMainNoRead to use GenericPackageDescription.
 This is an API change that in principle could break Setup.hs scripts
 but in practise there are no Setup.hs scripts that use either.
[Pass a verbosity flag to ghc-pkg
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090605143244] 
[When build calls register, pass the verbosity level too
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090605142718] 
[Fix unlit
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090605130801
 The arguments to isPrefixOf were the wrong way round. We want to see if
 the line starts "\\begin{code}", not if the line is a prefix of that string.
[Tweak a comment so that it doesn't confuse haddock
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090605130728] 
[Tweak new build system
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090404204426] 
[GHC new build system fixes
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090329153151] 
[Add for the new GHC build system
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090324211819] 
[Bump version due to recent changes
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090603101833] 
[Ticket #89 final: Regression tests for new dependency behaviour.
rubbernecking.trumpet.stephen at**20090601215651
 Ignore-this: 52e04d50f1d045a14706096413c19a85
[Make message "refers to a library which is defined within the same.." more grammatical
rubbernecking.trumpet.stephen at**20090601214918
 Ignore-this: 3887c33ff39105f3483ca97a7f05f3eb
[Remove a couple unused imports.
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090601192932] 
[Ban upwardly open version ranges in dependencies on base
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090601191629
 Fixes ticket #435. This is an approximation. It will ban most
 but not all cases where a package specifies no upper bound.
 There should be no false positives however, that is cases that
 really are always bounded above that the check flags up.
 Doing a fully precise test needs a little more work.
[Split requireProgram into two different functions
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090601174846
 Now requireProgram doesn't take a version range and does not check
 the program version (indeed it doesn't need to have one). The new
 function requireProgramVersion takes a required program version
 range and returns the program version. Also update callers.
 Also fixes the check that GHC has a version number.
[Ignore a byte order mark (BOM) when reading UTF8 text files
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090531225008
 Yes of course UTF8 text files should not use the BOM but
 notepad.exe does anyway. Fixes ticket #533.
[executables can now depend on a library in the same package.
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090531220720
 Fixes ticket #89. The library gets registered into an inplace
 package db file which is used when building the executables.
 Based partly on an original patch by Stephen Blackheath.
[Always build ar files with indexes
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090531193412
 Since we have to be able to use these inplace we always need
 the index it's not enough to just make the index on installing.
 This particularly affects OSX.
[Make rendering the ghc package db stack more lenient
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090531192545
 Allow the user package db to appear after a specific one.
 No reason not to and makes some things in cabal-install more convenient.
[Simplify version ranges in configure messages and errors
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090531192426
 Part of #369
[Add and export simplifyDependency
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090531192332
 Just uses simplifyVersionRange on the version range in the dep
[Use the PackageDbStack in the local build info and compiler modules
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090531153124
 This lets us pass a whole stack of package databases to the compiler.
 This is more flexible than passing just one and working out what
 other dbs that implies. This also lets us us more than one specific
 package db, which we need for the inplace package db use case.
[Simplify version ranges before printing in configure error message
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090530213922
 Part of ticket #369. Now instead of:
   setup: At least the following dependencies are missing:
   base <3 && <4 && <3 && <3 && <4
 we get:
   setup: At least the following dependencies are missing:
   base <3
[Bump version to 1.7.1 due to recent changes
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090530211320] 
[Minor renaming
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090530202312
 Part of one of Stephen Blackheath's patches
[Improve an internal error message slightly
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090530205540] 
[Detect intra-package build-depends
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090530204447
 Based on an original patch by Stephen Blackheath
 With this change build-depends on a library within the same package
 are detected. Such deps are not full handled yet so for the moment
 they are explicitly banned, however this is another step towards
 actually supporting such dependencies. In particular deps on
 internal libs are resolved to the internal one in preference to any
 existing external version of the same lib.
[Use accurate per-component package deps
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090530202350
 Based on an original patch by Stephen Blackheath
 Previously each component got built using the union of all package
 deps of all components in the entire package. Now we use exactly the
 deps specified for that component. To prevent breaking old packages
 that rely on the sloppy behaviour, package will only get the new
 behaviour if they specify they need at least cabal-version: >= 1.7.1
[Add *LBI variants of withLib and withExe that give corresponding build info
rubbernecking.trumpet.stephen at**20090528113232
 Ignore-this: 6856385f1c210e33c352da4a0b6e876a
[Register XmlSyntax and RegularPatterns as known extensions in Language.Haskell.Extension
Niklas Broberg <d00nibro at>**20090529102848
 Ignore-this: 32aacd8aeef9402a1fdf3966a213db7d
 Concrete XML syntax is used in the Haskell Server Pages extension 
 language, and a description can be found in the paper "Haskell Server 
 Pages through Dynamic Loading" by Niklas Broberg, published in Haskell 
 Workshop '05.
 Regular expression pattern matching is described in the paper "Regular 
 Expression Patterns" by Niklas Broberg, Andreas Farre and Josef 
 Svenningsson, published in ICFP '04.
[Resolve merge conflict with dynlibPref patch
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090528115249
 The dynlibPref patch accidentally was only pushed to ghc's branch.
[Use dynlibdir = libdir for the moment
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090519134115
 It will need more thought about how much control the user needs
 and what the default shared libs management scheme should be.
[Use componentPackageDeps, remove packageDeps, add externalPackageDeps
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527225016
 So now when building, we actually use per-component set of package deps.
 There's no actual change in behaviour yet as we're still setting each of
 the componentPackageDeps to the union of all the package deps.
[Pass ComponentLocalBuildInfo to the buildLib/Exe
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527210731
 Not yet used
[Simplify writeInstalledConfig slightly
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527204755] 
[No need to drop dist/installed-pkg-config after every build
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527204500
 We generate this file if necessary when registering.
[Make absoluteInstallDirs only take the package id
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527203112
 It doesn't need the entire PackageDescription
[Rejig calls to per-compiler build functions
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527195146
 So it's now a bit clearer what is going on in the generic build code
 Also shift info calls up to generic code
[Split nhc and hugs's build action into buildLib and buildExe
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527194206] 
[Split JHC's build into buildLib and buildExe
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527192036] 
[Sync LHC module from GHC module
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527191615] 
[Give withLib and withExe sensible types
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527185634] 
[Fix types of libModules and exeModules
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527185108
 Take a Library/Executable rather than a PackageDescription
 Means we're more precise in using it, just passing the info we need.
[Split ghc's build action into buildLib and buildExe
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527183250] 
[Remove unused ghc-only executable wrapper feature
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527183245
 Some kind of shell script wrapper feature might be useful,
 but we should design it properly.
[Fixup .cabal file with the removed modules and files
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527182344] 
[Fix warnings about unused definitions and imports
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527175253] 
[Remove the makefile generation feature
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527175002
 It was an ugly hack and ghc no longer uses it.
[Add new ComponentLocalBuildInfo
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090527174418
 We want to have each component have it's own dependencies,
 rather than using the union of deps of the whole package.
[Ticket #89 part 2: Dependency-related test cases and a simple test harness
rubbernecking.trumpet.stephen at**20090526133509
 Ignore-this: 830dd56363c34d8edff65314cd8ccb2
 The purpose of these tests is mostly to pin down some existing behaviour to
 ensure it doesn't get broken by the ticket #89 changes.
[Ticket #89 part 1: add targetBuildDepends field to PackageDescription's target-specific BuildInfos
rubbernecking.trumpet.stephen at**20090526133729
 Ignore-this: 96572adfad12ef64a51dce2f7c5f738
 This provides dependencies specifically for each library and executable target.
 buildDepends is calculated as the union of the individual targetBuildDepends,
 giving a result that's exactly equivalent to the old behaviour.
[LHC: register the external core files.
Lemmih <lemmih at>**20090521021511
 Ignore-this: d4e484d7b8e541c3ec4cb35ba8aba4d0
[Update the support for LHC.
Lemmih <lemmih at>**20090515211659
 Ignore-this: 2884d3eca0596a441e3b3c008e16fd6f
[Print a more helpful message when haddock's ghc version doesn't match
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090422093240
 Eg now says something like:
 cabal: Haddock's internal GHC version must match the configured GHC version.
 The GHC version is 6.8.2 but haddock is using GHC version 6.10.1
[use -D__HADDOCK__ only when preprocessing for haddock < 2
Andrea Vezzosi <sanzhiyan at>**20090302015137
 Ignore-this: d186a5dbebe6d7fdc64e6414493c6271
 haddock-2.x doesn't define any additional macros.
[Make die use an IOError that gets handled at the top level
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090301195143
 Rather than printing the error there and then and throwing an
 exit exception. The top handler now catches IOErrors and
 formats and prints them before throwing an exit exception.
 Fixes ticket #512.
[rewrite of Distribution.Simple.Haddock
Andrea Vezzosi <sanzhiyan at>**20090219153738
 Ignore-this: 5b465b2b0f5ee001caa0cb19355d6fce
 In addition to (hopefully) making clear what's going on
 we now do the additional preprocessing for all the versions of haddock 
 (but not for hscolour) and we run cpp before moving the files.
[Allow --with-ghc to be specified when running Cabal
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090225172249] 
[fix imports for non-GHC
Ross Paterson <ross at>**20090221164939
 Ignore-this: 12756e3863e312352d5f6c69bba63b92
[Fix user guide docs about --disable-library-vanilla
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090219165539
 It is not default. Looks like it was a copy and paste error.
[Specify a temp output file for the header/lib checks
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090218233928
 Otherwise we litter the current dir with a.out and *.o files.
[Final changelog updates for
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090218222106] 
[Use more cc options when checking for header files and libs
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090218110520
 Use -I. to simulate the search path that gets used when we tell ghc
 to -#include something. Also use the include dirs and cc options of
 dependent packages. These two changes fix about 3 packages each.
[Validate the docbook xml before processing.
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090213134136
 Apparently xsltproc does not validate against the dtd.
 This should stop errors creaping back in.
[Make documentation validate
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20090212235057] 
[Folly the directions for docbook-xsl
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20090213022615
 As it says in
   - Use the base canonical URI in combination with one of the
     pathnames below. For example, for "chunked" HTML, output:
[Fix compat functions for setting file permissions on windows
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090205224415
 Spotted by Dominic Steinitz
[Only print message about ignoring -threaded if its actually present
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090206174707] 
[Don't build ghci lib if we're not making vanilla libs
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090206173914
 As the .o files will not exist.
[Correct docdir -> mandir in InstallDirs
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20090203043338] 
[Fix message suggesting the --executables flag
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20090201010708] 
[Remove #ifdefery for windows, renameFile now works properly
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090202004450
 It's even atomic on windows so we don't need the workaround.
[Make withTempDirectory create a new secure temp dir
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090201233318
 Rather than taking a specific dir to create.
 Update the one use of the function.
[Add createTempDirectory to Compat.TempFile module
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090201233213
 Also clean up imports
[Improve the error message for missing foreign libs and make it fatal
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090131184813
 The check should now be accurate enough that we can make it an
 error rather than just a warning.
[Use the cc, cpp and ld options when checking foreign headers and libs
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090131184016
 In partiular this is needed for packages that use ./configure
 scripts to write .buildinfo files since they typically do not
 split the cpp/cc/ldoptions into the more specific fields.
[Do the check for foreign libs after running configure
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090131182213
 This lets us pick up build info discovered by the ./configure script
[move imports outside ifdef GHC
Ross Paterson <ross at>**20090130153505] 
[Document most of the new file utility functions
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090130151640] 
[#262 iterative tests for foreign dependencies
Gleb Alexeyev <gleb.alexeev at>**20090130120228
 Optimize for succesful case. First try all libs and includes in one command, 
 proceed with further tests only if the first test fails. The same goes for libs 
 and headers: look for an offending one only when overall test fails.
[Misc minor comment and help message changes
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129233455] 
[Deprecate smartCopySources and copyDirectoryRecursiveVerbose
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129233234
 Also use simplified implementation in terms of recently added functions.
[Switch copyFileVerbose to use compat copyFile
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129233125
 All remaining uses of it do not require copying permissions
[Let the setFileExecutable function work with hugs too
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129232948] 
[Switch hugs wrapper code to use setFileExecutable
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129232542
 instead of get/setPermissions which don't really work properly.
[Switch last uses of copyFile to copyFileVerbose
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129232429] 
[Stop using smartCopySources or copyDirectoryRecursiveVerbose
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129231656
 Instead if copyDirectoryRecursiveVerbose use installDirectoryContents
 and for smartCopySources use findModuleFiles and installExecutableFiles
 In both cases the point is so that we use functions for installing
 files rather than functions to copy files.
[Use installOrdinaryFile and installExecutableFile in various places
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129231321
 instead of copyFileVerbose
[Make the Compat.CopyFile module with with old and new ghc
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129225423] 
[Add a bunch of utility functions for installing files
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129180243
 We want to separate the functions that do ordinary file copies
 from the functions that install files because in the latter
 case we have to do funky things with file permissions.
[Use setFileExecutable instead of copyPermissions
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129180130
 This lets us get rid of the Compat.Permissions module
[Export setFileOrdinary and setFileExecutable from Compat.CopyFile
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090129173413] 
[Warn if C dependencies not found (kind of fixes #262)
gleb.alexeev at**20090126185832
 This is just a basic check - generate a sample program and check if it compiles and links with relevant flags. Error messages (warning messages, 
 actually) could use some improvement.
[Pass include directories to LHC
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20090127220021] 
[Add Distribution.Compat.CopyFile module
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090128181115
 This is to work around the file permissions problems with the
 standard System.Directory.copyFile function. When installing
 files we do not want to copy permissions or attributes from the
 source files. On unix we want to use specific permissions and
 on windows we want to inherit default permissions. On unix:
 copyOrdinaryFile   sets the permissions to -rw-r--r--
 copyExecutableFile sets the permissions to -rwxr-xr-x
[Remove unused support for installing dynamic exe files
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090128170421
 No idea why this was ever added, they've never been built.
[Check for ghc-options: -threaded in libraries
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090125161226
 It's totally unnecessary and messes up profiling in older ghc versions.
[Filter ghc-options -threaded for libs too
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090125145035] 
[New changelog entries for 1.7.x
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090123175645] 
[Update changelog for
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090123175629] 
[Fix openNewBinaryFile on Windows with ghc-6.6
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090122172100
 fdToHandle calls fdGetMode which does not work with ghc-6.6 on
 windows, the workaround is not to call fdToHandle, but call
 openFd directly. Bug reported by Alistair Bayley, ticket #473.
[filter -threaded when profiling is on
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090122014425
 Fixes #317. Based on a patch by gleb.alexeev at
[Move installDataFiles out of line to match installIncludeFiles
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090122005318] 
[Fix installIncludeFiles to create target directories properly
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090122004836
 Previously for 'install-includes: subdir/blah.h' we would not
 create the subdir in the target location.
[Typo in docs for source-repository
Joachim Breitner <mail at>**20090121220747] 
[Make 'ghc-options: -O0' a warning rather than an error
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090118141949] 
[Improve runE parse error message
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090116133214
 Only really used in parsing config files derived from command line flags.
[The Read instance for License and InstalledPackageInfo is authoritative
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090113234229
 It is ghc's optimised InstalledPackageInfo parser that needs updating.
 rolling back:
 Fri Dec 12 18:36:22 GMT 2008  Ian Lynagh <igloo at>
   * Fix Show/Read for License
   We were ending up with things like
       InstalledPackageInfo {
           license = LGPL Nothing,
   i.e. "LGPL Nothing" rather than "LGPL", which we couldn't then read.
     M ./Distribution/License.hs -2 +14
[Swap the order of global usage messages
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090113191810
 Put the more important one first.
[Enable the global command usage to be set
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20090113181303
 extend it rather than overriding it.
 Also rearrange slightly the default global --help output.
[On Windows, if gcc isn't where we expect it then keep looking
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20090109153507] 
[Ban ghc-options: --make
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081223170621
 I dunno, some people...
[Update changelog for release
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081211142202] 
[Make the compiler PackageDB stuff more flexible
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081211141649
 We support using multiple package dbs, however the method for
 specifying them is very limited. We specify a single package db
 and that implicitly specifies any other needed dbs. For example
 the user or a specific db require the global db too. We now
 represent that stack explicitly. The user interface still uses
 the single value method and we convert internally.
[Fix Show/Read for License
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20081212183622
 We were ending up with things like
     InstalledPackageInfo {
         license = LGPL Nothing,
 i.e. "LGPL Nothing" rather than "LGPL", which we couldn't then read.
[Un-deprecate Distribution.ModuleName.simple for now
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20081212164540
 Distribution/Simple/PreProcess.hs uses it, so this causes build failures
 with -Werror.
[Use the first three lhc version digits
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081211224048
 Rather than two, and do it in a simpler way.
[Remove obsolete test code
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081211142054] 
[Update the VersionInterval properties which now all pass
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081210145653] 
[Eliminate NoLowerBound, Versions do have a lower bound of 0.
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081210145433
 This eliminates the duplicate representation of ">= 0" vs "-any"
 and makes VersionIntervals properly canonical.
[Update and extend the Version quickcheck properties
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081210143251
 One property fails. The failure reveals that the VersionInterval type
 is not quite a canonical representation of the VersionRange semantics.
 This is because the lowest Version is [0] and not -infinity, so for
 example the intervals (.., 0] and [0,0] are equivalent.
[Add documentation for VersionRange functions
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081210140632
 With properties.
[Export withinVersion and deprecate betweenVersionsInclusive
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081210140411] 
[Add checking of Version validity to the VersionIntervals invariant
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081210134100
 Version numbers have to be a non-empty sequence of non-negataive ints.
[Fix implementation of withinIntervals
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081210000141] 
[Fix configCompilerAux to consider user-supplied program flags
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081209193320
 This fixes a bug in cabal-install
[Add ModuleName.fromString and deprecate ModuleName.simple
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081209151232
 Also document the functions in the ModuleName module.
[Check for absolute, outside-of-tree and dist/ paths
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081208234312] 
[Export more VersionIntervals operations
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081208222420
 and check internal invariants
[Check for use of cc-options: -O
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081208182047] 
[Fake support for NamedFieldPuns in ghc-6.8
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081208180018
 Implement it in terms of the -XRecordPuns which was accidentally
 added in ghc-6.8 and deprecates in 6.10 in favor of NamedFieldPuns
 So this is for compatability so we can tell package authors always
 to use NamedFieldPuns instead.
[Make getting ghc supported language extensions its own function
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081208175815] 
[Check for use of deprecated extensions
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081208175441] 
[Add a list of deprecated extenstions
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081208175337
 Along with possibly another extension that replaces it.
[Change the checking of new language extensions
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081207202315
 Check for new language extensions added in Cabal-1.2 and also 1.6.
 Simplify the checking of -X ghc flags. Now always suggest using
 the extensions field, as we separately warn about new extenssons.
[Tweak docs for VersionRange and VersionIntervals
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081207184749] 
[Correct and simplify checkVersion
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081205232845] 
[Make users of VersionIntervals use the new view function
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081205232707] 
[Make VersionIntervals an abstract type
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081205232041
 Provide asVersionIntervals as the view function for a VersionRange
 This will let us enforce the internal data invariant
[Slight clarity improvement in compiler language extension handling
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081205210747] 
[Slightly simplify the maintenance burden of adding new language extensions
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081205210543] 
[Distributing a package with no synopsis and no description is inexcusable
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081205160719
 Previously if one or the other or both were missing we only warned.
 Now if neither are given it's an error. We still warn about either
[Add Test.Laws module for checking class laws
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081204144238
 For Functor, Monoid and Traversable.
[Add QC Arbitrary instances for Version and VersionRange
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081204144204] 
[Remove accidentally added bianry file
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081203000824] 
[Fix #396 and add let .Haddock find autogen modules
Andrea Vezzosi <sanzhiyan at>**20081201114853] 
[Add checks for new and unknown licenses
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202172742] 
[Add MIT and versioned GPL and LGPL licenses
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202171033
 Since Cabal-1.4 we've been able to parse versioned licenses
 and unknown licenses without the parser falling over.
[Don't nub lists of dependencies
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202162259
 It's pretty meaningless since it's only a syntactic check.
 The proper thing is to maintain a dependency set or to
 simplify dependencies before printing them.
[Fix the date in the LICENSE file
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202161457] 
[Fix the version number in the makefile
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202161441] 
[Use VersionRange abstractly
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202160321] 
[Do the cabal version check properly.
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202155410
 Instead of matching on the actual expression ">= x.y" we use the
 sematic view of the version range so we can do it precisely.
 Also use foldVersionRange to simplify a couple functions.
[Drop support for ghc-6.4 era OPTIONS pragmas
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202154744
 It's still possible to build with ghc-6.4 but you have to pass
 extra flags like "ghc --make -cpp -fffi Setup.hs" We could not
 keep those OPTIONS pragmas and make it warning-free with ghc-6.10.
 See for details.
[Almost make the VersionRange type abstract
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202154307
 Export constructor functions and deprecate all the real constructors
 We should not be pattern matching on this type because it's just
 syntax. For meaningful questions we should be matching on the
 VersionIntervals type which represents the semantics.
[Change isAnyVersion to be a semantic rather than syntactic test
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202142123
 Also add simplify and isNoVersion.
[Add VersionIntervals, a view of VersionRange
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202141040
 as a sequence of non-overlapping intervals. This provides a canonical
 representation for the semantics of a VersionRange. This makes several
 operations easier.
[Fix pretty-printing of version wildcards, was missing leading ==
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202135949] 
[Add a fold function for the VersionRange
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202135845
 Use it to simplify the eval / withinRange function
[Improve the error on invalid file globs slightly
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202135335] 
[Use commaSep everywhere in the Check module
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202135208] 
[Fix message in the extra-source-files field check
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202135000] 
[Add checks for file glob syntax
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202133954
 It requires cabal-version: >= 1.6 to be specified
[Add check for use of "build-depends: foo == 1.*" syntax
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081202131459
 It requires Cabal-1.6 or later.
[Distinguish version wild cards in the VersionRange AST
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081128170513
 Rather than encoding them in existing constructors.
 This will enable us to check that uses of the new syntax
 are flagged in .cabal files with cabal-version: >= 1.6
[Fix comment in LHC module
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081123100710
 Yes, LHC really does use ghc-pkg (with a different package.conf)
[Use the new bug-reports and source-repository info in the .cabal file
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081123100041] 
[Simplify build-depends and base3/4 flags
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081123100003] 
[Simplify default global libdir for LHC
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081123095802
 So it uses libdir=$prefix/lib rather than libdir=/usr/local/lib
[Simplify the compat exceptions stuff
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081123095737] 
[Fix warnings in the LHC module
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081122224011] 
[Distribution/Simple/GHC.hs: remove tabs for whitespace to eliminate warnings in cabal-install
gwern0 at**20081122190011
 Ignore-this: 2fd54090af86e67e25e51ade42992b53
[Warn about use of tabs
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081122154134] 
[Bump Cabal HEAD version to 1.7.x development series
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081122145817
 Support for LHC is the first divergence between 1.7
 and the stable 1.6.x series.
[Update changelog for 1.6.0.x fixes
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081122145758] 
[LHC: Don't use --no-user-package-conf. It doesn't work with ghc-6.8.
Lemmih <lemmih at>**20081122012341
 Ignore-this: 88a837b38cf3e897cc5ed4bb22046cee
[Semi-decent lhc support.
Lemmih <lemmih at>**20081121034138] 
[Make auto-generated *_paths.hs module warning-free.
Thomas Schilling <nominolo at>**20081106142734
 On newer GHCs using {-# OPTIONS_GHC -fffi #-} gives a warning which
 can lead to a compile failure when -Werror is activated.  We therefore
 emit this option if we know that the LANGUAGE pragma is supported 
 (ghc >= 6.6.1).
[Escape ld-options with the -optl prefix when passing them to ghc
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081103151931
 Fixes ticket #389
[Simplify previous pkg-config fix
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081101200309] 
[Fix bug where we'd try to configure an empty set of pkg-config packages
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081101195512
 This happened when the lib used pkg-config but the exe did not.
 It cropped up in hsSqlite3-0.0.5.
[Add GHC 6.10.1's extensions to the list in Language.Haskell.Extension
Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20081019141408] 
[Ensure that the lib target directory is present when installing
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081017004437
 Variant on a patch from Bryan O'Sullivan
[Release kind is now rc
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081011183201] 
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20081011182516] 
Patch bundle hash:

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