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Thu Jan 22 19:50:07 EST 2009

#456: `cabal info pkg` command
  Reporter:  duncan              |        Owner:                     
      Type:  enhancement         |       Status:  closed             
  Priority:  normal              |    Milestone:                     
 Component:  cabal-install tool  |      Version:            
  Severity:  normal              |   Resolution:  fixed              
  Keywords:                      |   Difficulty:  very easy (<1 hour)
Ghcversion:  6.8.3               |     Platform:                     
Changes (by duncan):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed


 Fri Jan 23 00:48:10 GMT 2009  Duncan Coutts <duncan at haskell.org>
   * Fix some FIXMEs and do some TODOs in the list command
   Now properly prints if the haddock docs are installed and if the
   tarball is cached. It did print them before but it was lying.

 The printing of dependencies is a bit dodgy but will do for now.

 Really we should print conditional dependencies properly. They should also
 be simplified. This should be a lot easier to do using the infrastructure
 changes planned for Cabal-1.8.

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