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#444: Simple builds ignore .buildinfo
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 It would be convenient if Simple builds would look for buildinfo files,
 instead of just ignoring them. It's sometimes convenient to have the
 configure script run as a separate phase (for example, when you're
 configuring a bunch of separate cabal packages) instead of re-running the
 same configure tests every time, and this would help.

 There's an obvious workaround (setting the type to 'Configure' and then
 adding an empty 'configure' script), but this is tedious.

 I've attached a simple example. The .buildinfo file tells Cabal to build
 Test2 in addition to Test1. If you set the type to Simple, it only builds
 Test1. If you set it to 'Configure', it runs the empty configure script
 and then builds both Test1 and Test2. It'd be nicer if 'Simple' caused
 both Test1 and Test2 to be built, as well.

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