Cabal --builddir

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed Feb 25 08:42:21 EST 2009


>> My cabal.exe comes from the hackage website, the binary you put up
>> some time ago. I guess that is probably the issue.
> What version is that then?
> I'm interested because we've not actually worked out why the problem was
> occurring.

We still haven't since I'm now not able to replicate the problem...

My best guess is that I had Cabal old installed, which didn't support
--builddir. I upgraded to Cabal new which did. Cabal install had
cached the Setup.exe program built before the upgrade so that the
Setup.exe still used Cabal old. Now, when I try again today, it picks
up Cabal new.

I guess there is a potential bug that cabal install should perhaps
rebuild setup.exe if the cabal version has changed, but that might be
difficult to track and is very much a corner case.

>> everything. However, I'd like to know (before I push a change) that
>> build-type:Simple will work out the box with the Cabal that got
>> installed with ghc-6.8.3.
> It will.

Fantastic. If I break everyones build, I'm blaming you :-)



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