[Hackage] #507: display available flags based on the .cabal file

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#507: display available flags based on the .cabal file
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Changes (by duncan):

  * difficulty:  unknown => normal


 Right. Should not be too hard. After all we do this already in the `cabal
 info` output. eg:

 $ cabal info darcs
 * darcs            (program and library)
     Synopsis:      a distributed, interactive, smart revision control


     Source repo:   http://darcs.net/
     Executables:   darcs
     Flags:         curl, curl-pipelining, libwww, http,
                    external-bytestring, external-zlib, haskeline,
                    terminfo, curses, type-witnesses, color, base3

 Of course when configuring a single package we want to see the description
 of each of these flags, if they're available.

 We could do similarly for `cabal info` when run in the current dir with a
 local .cabal package. Printing it in `cabal configure --help` is
 technically a bit harder. Perhaps the help string for `--flags` should
 refer to `cabal info`. Or perhaps that's just to annoying and we should
 work out how to get it to read the local `.cabal` file before producing
 the help output (but not failing if one is not present or if it cannot be

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