[Hackage] #482: survey ./configure scripts in hackage packages

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#482: survey ./configure scripts in hackage packages
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  Platform:  Windows        |  
 Many packages use `./configure` scripts which make them hard to use on
 Windows as it requires MSYS. Ideally packages could do these custom checks
 in `Setup.hs` scripts or very common checks might be possible in the
 Simple build system itself.

 This task is to do a survey of the packages on hackage that use
 `./configure` scripts and identify the most common checks that they are
 doing. Specifically we would like to know what number of `./configure`
 scripts could be eliminated by implementing various features in Cabal
 (either to do the checks directly or to make it easier to do the checks in
 per-package `Setup.hs` scripts).

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