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#619: Add support for package logo's
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 It would be nice if it was possible to associate a logo with a package.

 The advantage of a logo compared to just a textual name is that it aids in
 the instant recognition of a package. Humans are faster at pattern
 matching graphics than text (TODO: add rigorous scientific proof for this
 statement ;-) )

 Once a logo has been associated with a package it can be used in the
 hackage page of a package and it can be used in graphical package

 Design questions:

 1. How to associate a logo with a package?
    Probably best to add a logo field to the cabal file, as in: "Logo:
 mylogo.png". (The logo filepath should be relative to the location of the
 cabal file.)

 2. Should there be restrictions on the logo file?

  1. What should be the allowed logo formats? png, svg, etc. It's probably
 best to restrict them to open formats.

  2. Should there be a restriction on the logo width and height? Maybe we
 need support for multiple sized logo's: a big one to put on the hackage
 page and a small one to display in package lists. (Maybe we even need
 support for favicons)

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