Changelogs and "available since"

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Tue Aug 18 03:58:45 EDT 2009

On 17/08/2009 17:18, Laszlo Nagy wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was volunteer to solve this problem:
>    <>
> In a conversation on the libraries at I was suggested to
> scratch my idea here.
> I would use hoogle for this. Currently it stores the package name and
> the symbols of the modules about a package. I would extend it to store
> the version of the package as well. Extend the query methods to use
> all the available package description at search. And make a
> VersionRange from the matched Versions.
> In a second turn I have to solve the problem, how a user can get all
> the hoogle files about every version of the used packages. (Applied
> version policy can help to have less files.) #1 Using a central
> repository, (like hackage) where upload require hoogle input file as
> well. #2 Implement a tool, top of (or inside) cabal-install, which
> generates all the needed files.
> Finally Haddock has to be taught to query hoogle to get availability
> description for each symbol.
> Please feel free to suggest other ideas or tell your opinion about mine.

Using Hoogle sounds like a reasonable approach to get something working 
quickly; I'm slightly concerned about the added complication of 
requiring another tool, though.  By all means try it out and see how it 

Perhaps add 'cabal hoogle' functionality first.  Rather than having 
Haddock query Hoogle, you could preprocess the information from Hoogle 
first and feed it to Haddock in some format that Haddock can easily digest.


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