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#573: package page could mention used language extensions
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 It would be very convenient to see what language extensions a given
 package uses at its own hackageDB page.  This information could be
 gathered from LANGUAGE pragmas put in distinct files or from GHC's -X
 options specified in .cabal file.  Complete list of used extensions gives
 a possibility to see how the package can be used, as it's common practice
 to choose library judging by such features as portability and usability.
 For example, new library users could see how they possibly could
 understand code and documentation, as usage of extensions requires some
 better knowledge of the language.  At the same time, power users could
 seek appropriate libraries which integrate properly with the list of
 language extensions they already use.

 The list of used extensions could be produced by hackageDB scripts every
 time the package is uploaded to hackageDB, or it can be generated by
 `cabal sdist` when a source distribution file is generated.

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