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#548: Aid in function lookup in IDEs
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 Currently haskellmode builds an index of functions based on the docs
 installed on a system.  This means a user has to install all docs for all

 HackageDB builds docs for all modules on the site, so it seems silly that
 I need to install the docs myself.

 It would be cool, and probably useful for IDEs if a file was available
 from HackageDB that contained enough information to build that index, and
 point to docs on HackageDB.  Then people with limited disk space, who are
 on always-online machines, can enjoy easy function lookup.

 Even cooler would be if there was a web API (e.g. XML-RPC server)
 available that could be used to do the function lookups.  For instance
 passing a function name would return a list of pairs of module name and

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