[Hackage] #318: Library cannnot be used when registered in-place on OS X

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#318: Library cannnot be used when registered in-place on OS X
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Ghcversion:  6.8.3          |     Platform:  Mac OS         
Comment (by duncan):

 Replying to [comment:4 guest]:
 > It turns out that {{{cabal install --inplace}}} doesn't run {{{ranlib}}}
 either -- the step is skipped completely in
 {{{Distribution.Simple.GHC.installLib}}} when the {{{copyInPlace}}} flag
 is set.

 This would be worth fixing if the decision is that running ranlib each
 time is too expensive. No OSX person has tried this yet or made a decision
 as far as I know.

 I now rather expect that nobody would notice if we did just do it every
 time. Better than running ranlib is to call `ar` without the `q` flag. On
 GNU systems the `q` is effectively ignored anyway but on OSX it does make
 it quicker at the expense of not building the index.

 So on the basis that a decision is better than no decision, even if as a
 non-OSX user I'm uninformed, how about we change the way we call ar so it
 always make the index and then just ask some OSX person to try it (and
 time it).

 Still need someone to make the change and test it. Do not wait for me to
 do it, I do not have the time.

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