darcs patch: pass -B flag to help gcc find libraries ... (and 1 more)

Duncan Coutts duncan at haskell.org
Thu Sep 11 11:12:01 EDT 2008

This is an update on the previous patch so if you tried that one you'll need
to unrecord it and apply this instead. This time it should actually pass the
gcc flags through to hsc2hs properly (hopefully). Again, completely untested
beyond it compiling.


Wed Aug 27 13:44:36 BST 2008  dias at eecs.harvard.edu
  * pass -B flag to help gcc find libraries on Windows

Thu Sep 11 16:04:48 BST 2008  Duncan Coutts <duncan at haskell.org>
  * Yet another attempt at gcc -B on Windows
  Simpler this time and hopefully fixing the problem in the last version.

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