[Hackage] #285: hackage trac should permit registration

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Fri May 30 18:36:35 EDT 2008

#285: hackage trac should permit registration
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      Type:  enhancement    |       Status:  new  
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Difficulty:  normal         |   Ghcversion:  6.8.2
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 hackage trac does not seem to have a "register" option (compare hackage
 trac with ghc trac). individual logins are nice because:

 - gives individual rather than anonymous reporters

 - one place less to support spam email harvesters (account name instead of
 full email address)

 - "register" is always there, hence easy to find, unlike the hint hidden
 on the trac home page that hackage is still abusing the haskell' trac..
 (might lower the barrier to file report/suggestion tickets)

 Duncan comments:

 We used to have that and got horribly spammed. Apparently for the ghc trac
 they've worked out how to do that without getting spammed so presumably we
 could do the same.

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