cabal-install uninstall ?

Henrique Ferreiro García hferreiro at
Thu May 22 12:03:45 EDT 2008

The problem I see is that each compiler dependent function has its own
post-install actions: GHC has stripExe, updateLibArchive..., Hugs has
setPermissions, etc.

Maybe, while this refactorization work isn't correctly done, a function
could be done to return the list of files to update and the post-install
function to execute, which could be a Maybe type associated with a
particular file or a group of files.

What do you think?

> Indeed. We would want to change the installLibs/installExe for each
> compiler to return a set of files to copy. We can do that without
> changing to use a proper compiler abstraction. They're independent
> problems
> Duncan
Henrique Ferreiro García <hferreiro at>
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