cabal-install uninstall ?

Henrique Ferreiro García hferreiro at
Wed May 14 05:28:14 EDT 2008


I'd like to get involved in haskell development and I think this could
be a good start. I don't know how much time I'll have to do this, but if
you give me that advice I'll try to implement this functionality.

> So as you say, the way to do this would be to generate a list of files
> that will be installed. This can be used to later uninstall. 

> If you want to work on this feature I can provide some advice on how to
> implement it. It'll need a bit of work to restructure the install code
> so that it actually produces a list of things to install, rather than
> just installing them.

Henrique Ferreiro García <hferreiro at>
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